Green Dragon Cannabis Strain



Green Dragon Cannabis Strain

Green Dragon Cannabis Strain

A 100% pure indica strain created as a potent cross between the deliciously popular Afghani X Turkish Gummy strains. With a moderately high THC level between 17-19% as well as a CBD level between 1-2%. Also has a memorably sweet candy taste. Green Dragon is a cult favorite of anyone who wants a well-balanced and delicious high. Users have said that Green Dragon’s taste and aroma are reminiscent of a sweet peppermint candy. Thus has a surprisingly pungent earthy after effect.

These buds have oversized and dense tightly packed arrowhead-shaped neon green nugs. The nugs are covered with fine fiery orange hairs and completely frosty with chunky white crystal trichomes. Green Dragon hits you immediately after just a few tokes with an uplifting cerebral euphoria that leaves you in a state of happy peaceful bliss with potent mind relief. As you revel in your newly found peaceful state, a slowly creeping body high will take hold that warms and sedates. You’ll be hit with a sudden lazy and lethargic feeling. A feeling that leaves you completely relaxed and couch-locked with sleepy, narcotic tendencies. Because of these effects, Green Dragon is perfect for treating those who suffer from chronic pain.

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